Our Values

1. Passion

As the driving force for excellence for originality. Passion becomes vocation.

2. Head, Heart and Hands

Fashion with the heart and hands, as well as the head. MSA students learn, appreciate and apply the tradition of craftsmanship, a heritage of knowledge and manual skills.

3. Make

Learn the techniques and then put them into practice with your hands to give form to ideas.

4. Creativity

We nurture your creativity so that you avoid the “déjà vu”. Your originality will be enhanced by the opportunity to work on real design projects in our MSA factory with its industry partners.

5. Industry partners

A bridge to the world of manufacturing. Through its network the school organizes visits and promotes internships for students, about from the MSA Factory projects.

6. Breathe beauty

In the land of art and culture your aesthetic sense is aroused.

7. Learn in the home of fashion

Study fashion in the birth place of fashion and in the undisputed home of elegance – in Italy. While in Milan, students are immersed in an exciting, stimulating world of innovation in style, fashion and design.

8. Tradition

Knowledge with deep roots. The school builds on the heritage of Italian craftsmanship that, unlike other countries, has a long history. Tradition and excellence also in education; the Milan Style Academy is part of the well-established Istituti De Amicis group of schools.

9. Excellence

It’s not enough to be good- we want you to be the best. MSA aims for excellence in all: high quality programmes with highly qualified staff and first-grade materials, to achieve quality results

10. International cultural mix

Students from all over the world create a close-knit community that speaks the same language – style.