The School

A new School, since 1932

There’s a place where talent and passion meet the rich heritage of knowledge, theory and practice of Italian craftsmanship in fashion and luxury goods.

That place is the Milan Style Academy, part of the well-known De Amicis group of schools in Milan. The Group, founded in 1923 offers a wide range of educational programmes, distinguished by the professionalism and passion of their staff.

Milan Style Academy is located in one of the Group’s campuses in the heart of Milan, a short walk from the old city centre and its fashion shopping streets.

Milan Style Academy was founded to transmit the best of Italian craftsmanship and style in fashion and accessory design and tailoring. Success in the fashion field is possible only through careful planning and preparation. We help unlock creativity and awareness of what already exists and has existed. Cultural references not only inspire and stimulate creativity but are also essential in order to design with intelligence. Students learn the rigorous Italian methodology in managing all the different elements necessary to create a great collection. Creativity is stimulated and then honed to the task in hand and then realised in our MSA Factory.

At MSA master craftsmen and designers, who have all worked for major Italian labels and continue to design and consult for Italian and international brands, will accompany students through all the phases of the creation of their collections, whether it be footwear, bags or clothing, from the design of the model to the creation of the smallest detail.

At MSA students from all the world study in a lively and stimulating atmosphere with the expertise of our instructors who represent the best of “Made in Italy” in various sectors.

Being in Italy, with all its history, art and traditions (in particular the tradition of fine craftsmanship which is still very much alive today), influences and stimulates creative and aesthetic sensitivity.
Milan is a small city by international standards; it is very compact and simple to get around by foot or by public transport. Design and fashion are the lifeblood of Milan – students get the chance to live in a very varied and sophisticated fashion market and to develop their fashion awareness.