Bag Design

Course Duration

12 weeks

Language of instruction

Italian with English translation.

Course objectives

Course will focus on the practical aspects of designing a bag collection: study of bag types and their construction, professional illustration techniques, technical drawing, pattern cutting. The course presents the complete process of creating a bag collection. Students create models from their collection.

Who should attend

  • Fashion lovers eager to learn the secrets of winning accessory collections
  • Working designers wanting to upgrade their expertise and learn the Italian way of creating of collections
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to add value to their collections by improving design and quality
  • Product Managers
  • Anyone with a passion for bags and accessories!


Research and mood board and definition of the brand identity. Professional illustration and technical drawing techniques. Range building: how to organise a collection. Basics of pattern making. Typology of bag and construction characteristics. Factory visits. Basics. Students present their individual collections including technical support such as material charts.